Wednesday, 2 May 2007

Puzzle # 128

Clue 1: Technicolor Tessie Old

Clue 2: Superior Bard

Clue 3: Preface

Who's the Trylateral?

Priya & Kasthuri get their brownie's worth. Split 0.5 each.


srividya said...

hi.. quick try...

tl - hans christian anderson

technicolor tessie old - technicolor silver slipper - ruby slipper = red shoes

superior bard = top dog bard = dane poet

preface - donno... linked to cc (thro the programming language) - i.e 200th anniversary?

other thing that comes quick to me..cos i am familiar with her work is Kate Bush

know for sure that she has sung red shoes
and prolude/prologue part of aerial
superior bard ??? donno..unless it refers to her lyrical skill etc..

srividya said...

al gore

clue1 - lucy's age - 77 - iridium (he made first call)

clue 2 - glorious bird - tennessee (fm tennessee)

preface - prologue magazine- vp

Priya said...

TL is William Wordsworth.

1) Technicolor Tessie Old - Lucy Gray

2) Superior Bard - Poet Laureate

3) Preface - The Prelude

srividya said...

grrrr, priya i cant believe i didnt get that!! after skirting so close ! u go girl

kasthuri said...

superior bard- lake poet.

william wordsworth was the most famous of the lake poets.

anantha said...

priya & kasthuri get it.