Wednesday, 2 May 2007

Puzzle # 129

Clue 1: Wanda

Clue 2: Zodiac

Clue 3: New Cliches

Who's the Trylateral?


kasthuri said...

wanda- jamie lee curtis- from 'true lies'...

zodiac- gemini- 'twins'

new cliches- 'governator"

TL- Schwarzenegger

anantha said...

good guess. but no. not on.

srividya said...

wanda = wonder - stevie wonder
new cliches - new hackneys - taxi (his production company)
zodiac - ribbon across the sky / or could be astrology hence superstition

tl - stevie wonder

kasthuri said...

manoj night shyamalan.

fish- lady in the water


" i see dead peopel"

n.s. said...

1. "a fish called ....."
2. pisces
3. "Fish" is Another metasyntactic
variable derived originally from the Monty Python skit in the middle of "The Meaning of Life" entitled "Find the Fish".

TL: Monty Python / John Cleese

srividya said...

wanda sykes - stand up comedy
zodiac - field of signs
new cliches - well known for turning cliches around

tl - jerry seinfeld

n.s. said...

....TL = something fishy!

Srividya said...

Wanda = goldfish, also known as Samuel Goldfish
Zodiac = Leo the lion
New Cliches - his famous quote

TL - Samuel Goldwyn