Wednesday, 28 March 2007

Puzzle # 10

Clue 1: Dealer

Clue 2: 1.44

Clue 3: IC*

What's the Trylateral?

Anuradha & Kasthuri get half a brownie each.


Anuradha said...

Dealer - Trying to figure this one out
1.44 - Chandrashekar's mass limit
IC* - icy star - cooling star - White dwarfs are basically cooling

Trylateral - White dwarf stars??

q said...

Dealer - 'shake'r => shekhar
1.44 - Chandrashekhara limit (of 1.44 solar masses)

IC* --> I SEE STARS --> thru their X Ray Emissions

Hence the chandra X-Ray space observatory.

nimish79 said...


Clue 1: Dealer = Still thinking

Clue 2: 1.44 = CHANDRASEKHAR limit

Clue 3: IC* = 99 not out i.e. SHANE WARNE's highest test score

Chandrasekhar & Warne are amongst the best Leg Spinners that cricket has seen. Hence, I'd guess Legspin.

nimish79 said...

I guess Dealer cd directly translate to Spinner in the context of a Casino.

nimish79 said...


Clue 1: Dealer = Vendor, ABDUL QADIR was a fruit vendor before he turned a cricketer.

Again, ABDUL QADIR is one of the top leg spinners to have played cricket. So it ties in with Legspin.

nidhi said...

1.44 The Mikoyan Project 1.44/1.42 is a Russian Air Force prototype fifth-generation air-superiority fighter aircraft
1.44 floppy disk theory

nimish79 said...




Clue 3: IC* = 99* = GEOFF BOYCOTT was the first batsman to be left stranded on 99*.

The common factor is that all the above batsmen were OPENERS for their teams.

anantha said...

so near yet so far.

zonked said...

The answer is Boeing 727
-dealer is mixed up for leader
-1.44 is double of .72 which is the value of Sin which is the wing angle of Boeing Airplanes(thats why they are 727 etc)
-IC is Indian Airlines which was the leader (long long ago)
and Boeing is also the market leader
i guess its wide of the mark , but well ...

anantha said...

anuradha was almost there...

moulicule said...
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moulicule said...

Dealer ---> Chandler--> discovered the Nova Borealis

1.44 ---> the Chandrasekhar solar mass limit for white dwarfs

Icy star is a neutron star / black dwarf

Trylateral --> All events in white dwarfs

Wanderlust said...
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Wanderlust said...
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Wanderlust said...

Dealer-->Merchant of Venice-->Shylock-->Dwarf (White!!)

1.44--> Chandrashekar's mass limit pertaining to White Dwarfs

IC*-->Icy star-->Cold/Cooling Star-->White Dwarfs

White Dwarf-Connect

j.rahul said...

answer is white dwarf.

dealer -- leader -- chandrasekar
or chandrasekhar azad -- leaders
-- chandrasekar subramaniam --
white dwarf man

1.44 -- chandrasekar limit

IC* -- icy star --cool star ---
white dwarfs cool to temperatures
at which they are no longer visible.

q said...


IC* = ICY Star ==> our SUN

Hence TryLateral=SUN

kasthuri said...

Black hole

deal-er- is a contract-er- a shrinking star

1.44- chandrashekar limit

IC*- icy star

kasthuri said...

or may be a white dwarf.

anantha said...

i am not too happy with your guesses. but since the trylateral has been cracked through collaborative effort, i'll have to award half a point to anuradha & half a point to kasthuri. in the future, i shall reward points only if you give me the entire answer...anyway here's my solution:

CLUE 1: Dealer = Wheeler Dealer = Wheeler = John Wheeler, the man who coined the term 'black hole'.

CLUE 2: 1.44 = Chandrasekhar's limit = minimum solar mass of a star to become a black hole.

CLUE 3: IC* = Icy Star = Frozen Star = What black holes were called before they were called black holes.

TRYLATERAL: Blackholes

Anuradha gets half a point for being nearly there. Kasthuri gets half a point for her Contract-er guess.