Thursday, 29 March 2007

Puzzle # 17

Clue 1: Cat

Clue 2: Transporter

Clue 3: Vedaant

What's the Trylateral?

Anuradha & Q share half a brownie.


q said...

Cat: schrodinger's cat thought experiment

Transporter: The device used in Star-Trek series that converts matter to energy and back as a means of transportation

Vedaant: Schrodinger was deeply influenced by Vedanta

Hence Trylateral: Quantum Mechanics

kasthuri said...


cat- iim- indra nooyi

transporter-star trek- "the next generation"

vedaant- son-madhavan

anantha said...

iim to indra nooyi is a rather big leap. nevertheless an imaginative guess. all i can say is, you're 1/3rd on track.

catcharun said...

Cheshire cat

1. its a cat..thats anantha trying to confuse us

2. transporter --> star trek --> the cheshire cat used the same "technology" to appear and disappear

3. vedaant - philosophy - the cat raised some valid points

Wanderlust said...

MADHAVAN/Rang De Basanti

cat-Schroedinger cat paradox-Paradox--Gaming company which has signed on Madhavan to develop 6 games based on him

Transporter-Pilot-MiG-Rang De basanti

Vedaant-Madhavan's Son

Wanderlust said...

Alternately, it could be Paradox Studio

kasthuri said...

.turns out that the game by paradox is called Madhavan's MIG.
So the answer could very well be
madhavan/paradox games

srividya said...

Not sure...

Cat : Cheshire : disappearing
Transporter : star trek : again teleportation device
Vedaant : About Maya and away from the world

So could dematerialization be the connection?

srividya said...

Cat = Cheshire - famous for its grin

Transporter - Teleporter - famous line "beam me up scotty" - beam

vedaant - maddy's son - famous for his smile

TL - smile, grin etc

Devashish said...

Ok, either this is it, or I'm way off and need a break from TL!!

Cat = A play on Katha, the story of Nachiketa is told in Kathopanishad

Transporter = Pilot = Kambampati Nachiketa, the Indian pilot captured by Pakistan during Kargil War

Vedaant = Upanishad, see above

TL = Nachiketa

srividya said...





Anuradha said...

Clue 1: Cat - Billy - Bill Clinton

Clue 2: Transporter - Carter - Jimmy Carter

Clue 3: Vedaant - Maddy's (Madhavan) son - Madison

Trylateral - American presidents

q said...

How about this more specific variation..

Clue 1: Cat - Garfield -> James Garfield (20th U.S President)

Clue 2: Transporter - Carter - James (Jimmy) Carter (39 U.S President)

Clue 3: Vedaant - Maddy's (Madhavan) son - Madison --> James Madison (4th U.S. President)

Trylateral - American presidents with "James" as their first name.

anantha said...

Anuradha & Q share the brownie. Good work.