Monday, 26 March 2007

Puzzle # 4

Clue 1: ~70!

Clue 2: Firelabs

Clue3: Manometer

What's the Trylateral?

Nimish earns the brownie.


nimish79 said...


Clue 1: ~70! = Nearly 70 factorial = 10^100 = Google
Google acquired YouTube.

Clue 2: Firelabs = HotDogs = YouTube held a hot dog eating competition

Clue3: Manometer = U-Tube = YouTube

moulicule said...

Hi Anantha and Nimish!!

nimish79 said...

Hi dude nice to see you. How are things? Lets catch up on messenger sometime.

nimish79 said...

Just a correction

Clue 2: Firelabs = PyraLabs i.e. the company that created and coined Blogger/BlogSpot.

So the answer would be Google rather than YouTube.

anantha said...

Hi mouli, wilkommen. Nimish has cracked this.

j.rahul said...

answer is google.

1. approximately 70 factorial
-- nearly equal to 10 power 100
-- googol -- google

2. firelabs -- pyra labs -- the
ones who created blogger --
pyra was acquired by google

3. manometer -- in the shape of
a U-tube -- youtube,again
acquired by google

great to see you back in action,anantha. ---- rahul

thumprint said...
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anantha said...

hi rahul, nice to see your presence. congrats on the brand equity win. all the best for the national finals.