Monday, 26 March 2007

Puzzle # 5 - Unsolved Mystery

Clue 1: iiii

Clue 2: Quartermaster

Clue 3: 155

Who's the Trylateral?


j.rahul said...

wild guess.

the answer is Ian Fleming.

1. iiii -- four eyes --for eyes
-- for your eyes only -- Fleming's bond novel

2. quartermaster --army or naval
officer -- Fleming worked as
a naval officer during the second world war

3. 155 -- no idea

nimish79 said...


Clue 1: iiii = Capsule containing several i = iPod

Clue 2: Quartermaster = Quad Processors (that are used with Apple Mac Pros)

Clue 3: 155 = 155 retails stores operated by Apple

Nothing else comes to mind.

avnish said...

155 is CLV in roman. CLV is some CD-ROM technology.Was it developed by Apple

Vineet said...

iiii= ai ai ai ai (phonetically)= sound made by frustrated puzzle solver on reading Anantha's puzzles

quartermaster= role played by Anatha in rationing out these puzzles

155= dunno... maybe 15th May= Anantha's birthday?

The Trylateral is Anantha!

Hats off to all those who have scored brownie points so far...

Priya said...

Another wild guess: Arsenal FC

1) iiii - 4 ones - Arsenal is one of the 4 teams to have won the Premier League so far.

2) Quartermaster - someone who is in charge of supplies for the army which would include the arms and ammunition in the arsenal.

3) 155 - May 15 - Arsenal completed a whole English Premiership season, 38 games, unbeaten on May 15, 2004.

Rather far-fetched I know, but I had to give it a shot.

nimish79 said...

Another wild wild try:


Clue 1: iiii = Depiction of 4 pawns in Chess. Mebbe Anand favours a 4 pawn attack strategy.

Clue 2: Quartermaster = Rapid Chess Champion (You only have a quarter of the time in rapid chess as compared to classical time-bound chess)

Clue 3: 155 = No idea.

Wanderlust said...

iiii = Mi6-Mi2!!!!

Quartermaster-->"Q"-->head of Q Branch in James Bond movies

155 = 162-007

Answer:- James Bond

srividya said...

iiii - for eyes - Honda owns Acura

Quartermaster - Company started off around world war 2 with idea born from castoff military supply

155 - CLV - Honda CLV

connection - Honda

anantha said...

jrahul & wanderlust didn't push themselves enuf.

nimish79 said...


Clue 1: iiii = Bond 22, the working title of the next James Bond film.
'Bond 22' when taken literally implies that we must bond 2 and 2 i.e. iiii, when 2 and 2 is written in Roman.

Clue 2: Quartermaster = Q, the character who does the gadgets for James Bond.

Clue 3: 155 = I think this has gotten something to do with time. As in 1:55.

j.rahul said...


here is my attempt again.

the answer is Desmond Llewelyn.

1. iiii -- 9th letter -- 9999
--- Desmond died on Dec 19,1999
in a car crash -- the four nines
come from that date

2. quartermaster -- Q -- Desmond
played the role of Q,the
quartermaster of the MI6 gadget
lab in 17 bond movies

3. 155 -- he created 155 gadgets
in all.

nimish79 said...


Clue 1: iiii = For Your Eyes Only = Pierce Brosnan, met James Bond series producer Albert Broccoli during the making of For Your Eyes Only. Pierce Brosnan's wife was a part of the film.

Clue 2: Quartermaster = Q, the character who does the gadgets for James Bond.

Clue 3: 155 = Country Code of Tajikistan. The Bond video game Everything or Nothing Everything or Nothing opens in the mountains of Tajikistan. Herein, James Bond is modeled and voiced by Pierce brosnan.

Wanderlust said...

iiii --> november 11 --> James Bond's assumed Birth date

Quartermaster --> Q

155--> somehow maps to 007

TryLateral--> James Bond

catcharun said...

i'll "help" WL by saying 007 in base-155 is 155

srividya said...

tl is roger moore

iiii - for ur eyes only - features him

quartermaster - q (bond series...)

155 - aee - aye - roger

nimish79 said...


iiii = 4 spacewalks?

Quartermaster = Sunita Williams's navy stint?

155 = ISS (when seen in a calculator) = Int'l Space Station

srividya said...

tl - steve davis

for ur eyes only - roger moore - is ref to as the roger moore of snooker - deadpan face
q - cue - pool player
155 - snooker - max pts

clue 1 cd also be chess - he is a chess player too

Nimish V Adani said...

iiii = Bow of fours = Bofors
Quartermaster = Q = Quattrocchi
155 = 155 mm Bofors Gun