Tuesday, 27 March 2007

Puzzle # 9

Clue 1: Knight

Clue 2: Lawman

Clue 3: Cu8

Who's the Trylateral?

Nimish earns the brownie.


nimish79 said...


Clue 1: Knight = J P Knight, the inventor of the TRAFFIC SIGNAL

Clue 2: Lawman = Lawman (Jeans brand) has a collection called PAGE 3

Clue 3: Cu8 = Copper8 which is phonetically the same as CORPORATE

These are all movies made by MADHUR BHANDARKAR.

kasthuri said...

whoah.That was fast! Does it help if i thought of the same thing too?

anantha said...

wilkommen to old cluenatic hands. being the fastest finger first, helps.