Wednesday, 28 March 2007

Puzzle # 11 - Unsolved Mystery

Clue 1: The1

Clue 2: Bliss

Clue 3: Luke

Identify the Trylateral.


Übermaniam said...

The Bible?

kasthuri said...

yuri gagarin

the1- first- first man in space

bliss- dunno

luke- skywalker- ergo.

nimish79 said...


Clue 1: The1 = Dhawan (phonetically) = DAVID DHAWAN. The Govinda-David Dhawan formula was extremely successful in the Hindi film industry.

Clue 2: Bliss = SSUKH, Govinda's recent film.

Clue 3: Luke = Dunno.

This game is painful. :( Just can't seem to get all 3 connects.

Übermaniam said...

I agree with Nimish. I think it's a bit obtuse.

anantha said...

obtuse is a point of view.

editoramma said...

Gautama Buddha

the1 = the chosen one

bliss = moksha

luke = light = enlightenment

Anuradha said...

The1 - The One - Music DVD by Michael

Bliss - Thrill - Thriller

Luke - Skywalker - Moonwalker - His dance move

Trylateral - Michael Jackson

anantha said...

nice tries. nowhere close to the answer.

catcharun said...

i can think obtuse..that is my favorite kind of angle after acute

the answer is Lithium

the1 - phonetically theon - he wrote an edition of Euclid's Elements -

bliss - nirvana - wrote a song called lithium

luke - bought r2d2 who is powered by lithium (this is not fact by a long way)

catcharun said...

and my second answer

Viswanathan anand

The1 - he will be the FIDE #1 in April 2007 after his recent victory

bliss - ananda -- anand

luke - was attacked by force lightning - anand at one time was called lightning kid

there u go, i am as obtuse as obtuse gets

Übermaniam said...

I am acutely disappointed by my performance!

srividya said...

people this one is atrocious but for what its worth - heres my 2 bit

The1 : Neo of Matrix : The hero

Bliss : Not sure at all - 'follow ur bliss' by campbell - on the Hero's journer

Luke : Skywalker - another Hero

So connect Hero archetype - ha ha i guess i cant get the qual person in me from peeping out!

Wanderlust said...

Will Smith

the1-->neo->Role initially offered to Will Smith

Bliss-->Happiness-->Pursuit of Happyness

Luke--> ??

Wanderlust said...

I know this is very unlikely but hey WTH!!

Answer-->The Matrix



luke--> there is no spoon (replace with Luke!!)

srividya said...

Okay...wierd connection this time

The1 : Artcile One --> Parliament (Group of owls)
Bliss : Exaltation - flock of larks
Luke : skywalker (bird fly in sky)

So connection is Flock of birds...birds.. now how many more can come up with wierder ones??

Anuradha said...

While we are going with wild guesses, here is another one:

The1 - God - Bhagwan

bliss - Ecstasy - The forgotten language - book by him

luke - gospel - something to do with his books or discourses

Trylateral - Osho

anantha said...

wanderlust & srividya are on the right trail...

Wanderlust said...

Joseph Campbell/Monomyth


Luke-->skywalker-->Star Wars-->Monomyth

bliss-->follow your bliss-->Joseph Campbell-->Monomyth

nimish79 said...


Clue 1: the1 = NEO, character played by Keanu Reeves in Matrix

Clue 2: Bliss = Will post soon

Clue 3: Luke = SKYWALKER = A Walk In The Clouds, movie *ing Keanu Reeves

nimish79 said...

Clue 2: Bliss = Ecstasy (the drug) = SPEED, Keanu Reeves' blockbuster

Wanderlust said...

Good Show Nimish! Finally u got all 3 connects :-)

anantha said...

nimish, the walk in the clouds deduction was lateral. isn't the neo thing quite straight forward? would i have set such a straight forward clue? work harder folks. keanu is not the answer. you have a long way to go.

Manju said...

the1- uno- Michael Toshiyuki Uno, directed luke perry in beverly Hills 90210

bliss- terminal bliss, 1991 movie starring luke perry

luke- actor luke perry

guess luke perry is the link

nimish79 said...


Clue 1: The1 = NEO, the protagonist in the Matrix TRILOGY

Clue 2: Bliss = ??

Clue 3: Luke = LUKE SKYWALKER, the protagonist in the Star Wars TRILOGY

srividya said...





Priyadarshi said...

wasnt this an easy one :

1.The1 = The first man .. to walk on moon

2. Bliss = Tranquility .. Sea of Tranquility where they set foot on moon or bliss could also be over the moon..

3. Luke = Skywalker = walking on the moon
TL = Neil Armstrong

TL =

srividya said...

if you reword clue1 as first honey moon -

bliss - over the moon

clue 3 : moonwalker

you get a TL - moon

Priyadarshi said...

One more try

TL = Aleksei Leonov
1. The1 = First to walk in space

2. bliss = over the moon

3. luke = skywalker = space walk

Priyadarshi said...

yet again..

TL = Triology

1. The 1 = Neo = protagonist of Matrix a triology

2. Bliss = Mr. Bliss written by J R R Tolkein also written Lord of the Rings = Triology

3. Luke = hero of starwars a triology

Fuzzy, the Ducky said...

Clue 1: The1 : The One Movie - Jet Li

Clue 2: Bliss : Pursuit of Happynes, Will Smith - Ali

Clue 3: Luke : Youngblood plays Lee Jordan in Harry Potter

TL: Lee?

srividya said...

another dash at it

the1 - first man to walk on moon and title of clint eastwood movie on armstrong biography

bliss - a perfect world

luke - skywalker - bird

tl - movies directed by clint eastwood

n.s. said...

1. article 1 = the state and union territories
3.luke...gospel mentions ancient israel
TL is state of zion = israel