Tuesday, 27 March 2007

Puzzle # 6 - Unsolved Mystery

Clue 1: Siddhartha

Clue 2: Jerome

Clue 3: Pledgeline

Identify the Trylateral.


Übermaniam said...

What's a Pledgeline?

catcharun said...

some furious googling threw up names such as herman hesse and hilarion

i venture "the glass bead game"

i'll wait and watch the brownie go to a more logical guess

Übermaniam said...

What's a Pledgeline?

Übermaniam said...

Damn! This is a really tough game. I am not liking it one bit. Hmph!

vinoo said...

hats off 2 d guys who manage 2 get them answers. i enjoy figurin out how they managed it. phew!

j.rahul said...

wild guess again.

the answer is assembly.

1. siddhatha --gauthama buddha
-- many buddhist councils or
assemblies were held

2. jerome -- translator of the bible from greek to latin,but
obviously doesn't fit here

3. pledgeline --- where pupils
take pledge in a school
--- assembly

doesn't sound good,but this is
excellent preparation for my
brand equity final on 29th April in Mumbai. Thanks anantha.
I am mining a lot of info to
solve your puzzles.

nimish79 said...


Clue 1: Siddhartha = Rahul Siddhartha , stand-up comedian. (Haven't yet figured this one)

Clue 2: Jerome = Jerry i.e. Jerry Seinfeld
Also, Jerry Seinfeld's actual name was Jerome Seinfeld

Clue 3: Pledgeline = Sign Field = Seinfeld (phonetically)

nimish79 said...

Just another thought on the first clue:

Clue 1: Siddhartha: The underlying theme in the life of Siddhartha (Gautam Buddha) was renunciation of the material world. He attained enlightment in nothingness.

Seinfeld was a "show about nothing"

So, the answer for the Trylateral would probably be the show Seinfeld rather than Jerry Seinfeld.

avnish said...

I think its a long shot but still trying

Clue 1: Siddhartha = Movie starring Shashi Kapoor, husband of Jennifer Kendal

Clue 2: Jerome = A song written by Jennifer Avalon.Same first name

Clue 3: Pledgeline = Still trying to figure out

avnish said...

Clue 3
Jennifer is a female who started a pledge to donate money for the homeless in Kenya. And then others joined in.So she is at the head of the line.Pledge Line. Jennifer

Wanderlust said...

Whoa Nimish!! Man I just attained enlightenment just by reading your post for the Sidhartha clue!!

If only you worked out your body the way you work out your grey cells ;-))

Good work on the Jerry Seinfeld bit. Though I still think there's a catch somewhere...

Übermaniam said...
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Übermaniam said...

I like the thinking behind the answer for Jerry Seinfeld. Already feel quiet enlightened. Still no clue of the answer, thouygh.

nimish79 said...

Yup Rajeev (WL), there seems to be a catch somewhere. Unable to catch it though.

Übermaniam said...

Shouldn't there be a space between 'pledge' and 'line'?

nimish79 said...

Assuming the answer is Seinfeld... I'd say that the absence of the space is to signify that the synonyms of Pledge and Line be spoken/spelt out together.

Wanderlust said...

I think the answer is the Indian National Emblem.

Wanderlust said...

This is how I worked it out...


Jerome-->Removing thorn from the paw of a Lion-->4 Lions

Pledgeline-->Satyamev jayate (Truth alone triumphs)

nimish79 said...

WL, you need to pop a few Mentos'

anantha said...

Good guesses, pals. Some of you are on track. But still nowhere close to the Trylateral.

Anuradha said...

A wild guess: Is it Virgin Atlantic?

Wanderlust said...

Jumping on to the Jerry Seinfeld bandwagon:-)

Sidhartha-->Buddha-->Monk-->Vihara (Assembly hall)

Jerome-->(Jerry) Seinfeld-->Monk's Cafe-->Gathering point

Pledgeline-->In school--> Assembly

Answer:- Parliament House

kasthuri said...

The answer is FORD- the man or his car.

Siddhartha- edited by James FORD
Jerome- is Jerry - is Jerry (Gerald) FORD
Pledgeline- assembly line- FORDS big triumph

Rahul said...

Answer : Nalanda

1. siddhatha -Name Gautam Buddha

2. jerome - Saint

3. pledgeline - where pupils
take pledge in a school/Univerity
University where saint Gautam Budhha preached - Nalanda

avnish said...

I think it could be Bodh Gaya

Twas the place where Gautam Buddha became a Saint after attaining enlightenment.

And wannabe buddhist saints take their pledge there

Anuradha said...

Sidhartha - Buddha - Zen Buddhism - which influenced Salinger

Jerome - What the J in J.D Salinger stands for

Pledgeline - Something to do with swearing of which there was a lot in the book
or stands for Call+Field = Caulfield, the protagnist in the book

Trylateral - The catcher in the rye

nimish79 said...


Clue 1: Siddhartha = BUDDHA - Shekhar Kapur's much talked about and yet to be made movie.

Clue 2: Jerome = Jerome Taylor, West Indian bowler from St. Elizabeth = ELIZABETH, Shekhar Kapur's directorial success

Clue 3: Pledgeline = GAWAHI, a movie *ing Shekhar Kapur

anantha said...

jrahul & wanderlust are on the right track.

srividya said...

another guess

Siddhartha - buddha - Monk
Jerome - Jerry - Monk's cafe (as said)
Pledgeline - Sacred Thread - Poonal or Upanayanam

So connection is monk/hermit/sanyas something like that?

Priya said...

TL is Deadheads

1) Siddhartha -> Buddhism -> Grateful Dead was named after the Tibetan Book of the Dead which is related to Buddhism.

2) Jerome -> Jerry -> Jerry Garcia

3) Pledgeline -> Assembly

So the connection is a gathering of Grateful Dead fans - Deadheads.

srividya said...


Buddha - dharmchakra

jerome jay walk - traffic signal - 3 colors - tiranga

pledge line - march past, swearing in with our flag

longhairandabeard said...

I think I have it..

Siddhartha = Buddha = Monk --> Monk's Cafe

Jerome = Real name of Jerry Seinfeld, Central character of the show

Pledgeline = First sentence told to someone taking oath: "Stand up!" --> Stand-up is what Jerry does in the beginning and end of the show (also, the show was initially named Stand-up, at least according to Wikipedia!)

TL = Seinfeld, the show!

Thanks to everyone for showing me the way! But the brownie is mine.. only mine.. my prrrecious!

longhairandabeard said...

oops it seems i have two accounts here.. just to clarify and for future reference, devashish has long hair and a beard!

anantha said...

not there yet, son.

srividya said...





srividya said...

i havent got everything right.. another hunch

is the TL - Tehelka (paper or movie)

Siddharth : The Siddharth Vashist sting
Jerome : not sure as of now
Pledgeline..their slogan about truth - jhoot bhole kauva kate

srividya said...

OR it could be movies by Hrishikesh Mukerjee

Siddharta : Buddha - Buddha mil gaya
Jhoot Bole Kauva Kate

What's Jerome?

srividya said...

siddhartha - buddha - dharmchakra
jerome - lion
pledgeline - satyameva jayate

our national emblem at ashoka pillar - sarnath

srividya said...

tl - buddha bar

clue 1 - buddha
clue 2 - monks cafe - lounge (music)
clue 3 - petition hawaii buddhists