Friday, 30 March 2007

Puzzle # 19 - Unsolved Mystery

Clue 1: Blue

Clue 2: Speedster

Clue 3: JFK

Who's the Trylateral?


nimish79 said...


Clue 1: Blue = NAVY = Both Hanks & Spielberg received the highest civilian award from the Navy for Saving Pvt Ryan

Clue 2: Speedster = CATCH ME IF YOU CAN = Another hanks - Spielberg movie.

Clue 3: JFK = THE TERMINAL, which was shot at JFK Airport. Again a Tom Hanks-Spielberg movie.

q said...

Ans. Frank Sinatra

Blue: Ol' Blue Eyes ==> his nickname

Speedster: He appeared posthumously for an ad for the Ford Thunderbird (and owned a special edition )

JFK: Frank Sinatra is supposed to have helped in JFK's Presidential bid.

anantha said...

good guesses. but the answer i have in mind links better with these clues.

√úbermaniam said...

Ans: Kevin Costner
Blue: Waterworld
Speedster: Dunno
JFK: Costner

Priya said...

My take on the TryLateral - Raymond Loewy

1) Blue - The color of postboxes in the US - Raymond Loewy designed the old USPS logo.

2) Speedster - Studebaker Speedster - Loewy designed logos and automobiles for Studebaker.

3) JFK - John. F. Kennedy - Loewy designed the livery for JFK's Air Force One. He also designed the five cent JFK commemorative stamp.

OK, who else is ready to join TA (TryLateralholics Anonymous)? :) Yesterday, I've never even heard of this guy Loewy. Today I think I know enough to write his biography.

j.rahul said...

the answer is Brett Lee.

1. blue -- blues -- he plays for the New South Wales Blues team.

2. speedster -- fast bowler

3. JFK -- Lee Harvey Oswald was
JFK's assasin -- Lee

j.rahul said...

small typo. it is assassin.

srividya said...

blue = jeans = lee
speedster = Jet - Jet Li
JFK - Lee harvey Oswald..

connection.. Lee/Li

srividya said...

wait...Blue could also be the band Blue = Lee Ryan then

srividya said...



srividya said...

Blue - Bonnie Blue - Confederacy
Speedster - SPeed Star = Sandra Bullock married to Jesse James
JFK - earlier called Idlewild - song by Outcast

TL - Jesse James

srividya said...

tl - lance armstrong

blue - the wristband for prostate cancer he popularized, fashioned after the yellow livestrong ones that all college students wore (with no clue to what really it is!)

speedster - cycling record 7 tours or that he is a pace car driver

jfk - code named lancer by SS