Tuesday, 27 March 2007

Puzzle # 7

Clue 1: Sickle

Clue 2: McShadow

Clue 3: 56

What's the Trylateral?

And the brownie goes to...Anuradha.


Anuradha said...

Sickle - Symbol of Saturn
McShadow - Shani - Son of Sun god and Chaaya
56 - Number of moons of Saturn

Trylateral - Saturn

anantha said...

Anuradha earns her first brownie

j.rahul said...

the answer is Mcdonalds.

1. sickle -- communist party symbol
--- Mcdonalds entered most of
the erstwhile communist countries in Europe after the USSR

2.Mcshadow -- shadow means degree
-- Mcdegree -- Mcdonalds gives
a degree through its Hamburger
University in Oak Brook,Illinois

3. 56 -- there are 56 Mcdonalds
restaurants in India

Vijay Sarathy said...

1. Druids Sickle
2. Shadows of the stones are still unexplained. Connected with occult.
3. 56 pits in the original stonehenge

Vijay Sarathy said...

Added Explanation.
2. McShadow - The stonehenge shadows were used to predict Lunar Eclipses.

vinoo said...

man i sure am likin d wrong answers. very very informative ;-)

√úbermaniam said...

Good lord, good show, Anuradha!