Thursday, 19 April 2007

Puzzle # 102

Clue 1: Could Bite

Clue 2: Swaraj

Clue 3: + Shampoo

What's the Trylateral?

Q should get reddy for a shock. He gets just half a brownie. Nimish gets the other half.


q said...

Clue 1: Could Bite => May Gnaw => Meghna

Clue 2: Swaraj => Sushma

Clue 3: + Shampoo => Sa (as in with or plus) + Meera => Sameera

What's the Trylateral? The Reddy Sisters !

Anuradha said...


q said...

Which one :-)

catcharun said... ..
could bite --> can nibble --> cannibal --> man-eater --> meghna
is wrong???
damn i was close there but not as close i guess..

sa meera was .. is amazing as well

nimish79 said...

I don't get the 'Sa' bit. My explanation of the same would be:

Clue 3: + Shampoo = SUM MEERA = SAMEERA

q said...

Well, I went with the 'sanskritised' version of the '+' instead of the mathematical one (which is what TLA's thought process probably was).

Catcha-run's explanation for 'Could bite' is very creative ;-)