Wednesday, 4 April 2007

Puzzle # 42

Clue 1: ReMercury

Clue 2: Floydno.

Clue 3: Reflection

Who's the Trylateral?

Q gets the brownie.


q said...

Clue 1: ReMercury => Queen Again

Clue 2: Floydno. ==> Pink Floyd Number -> The Wall

Clue 3: Reflection --> Mirror

leads to Mirror Mirror on The Wall ..etc., and she becomes queen again


Priya said...

q, isn't the line Mirror Mirror on the Wall from the Snow White story?

q said...

Yes you are right!!

I change my TL: to SNOW WHITE

Priya said...

Isn't mercury used in making mirrors? So first clue might be:

ReMercury -> Mirror again -> Mirror Mirror

srividya said...

since no brownies given tho it seems to tie in...another train...

reMercury - hg - hg wells

floydno time - time machine

reflection - going back - again time machine or no image - invisible man
TL - time machine/hg wells
so maybe

q said...


Clue 1: ReMercury => HgHg -> H2G2 --> HitchHikers Guide to the Galaxy by DA

Clue 2: Floydno. ==> Pink Floyd Number -> 'The Division Bell' name was chosen by Douglas adams (+ quite a few other connections)

Clue 3: Reflection --> Through the Looking Glass --> Lewis Carroll --> The Hunting of the Snark -> Fits (His first radio series of H2G2 was called Fits)


kasthuri said...

Oh q, you poor poor fellow.

h2g2- popular name for HHGTTG.

floydno- the hundred connects that wikipedia throws up, such as marvin humming 'shine on ya..., douglas adams' biography, division bell, whatever.

reflection- Deep thought !

so the answer to life , the universe and TL is... ...42.


nimish79 said...

Puzzle #42 :)

BTW, the answer should be Hitch Hikers Guide to the Galaxy.

Anuradha said...

The Trylateral is a "Who", so shouldn't it be Dougals Adams?

nimish79 said...

Sorry, read it wrongly. It is DA.

Priya said...

Great connect, q.

anantha said...

q gets the brownie. kasthuri gets the notional brownie. i thought this puzzle should have been solved the moment some one saw puzzle 42. too bad you guys are slow on the uptake :-)