Saturday, 7 April 2007

Puzzle # 55

Clue 1: Rubik's

Clue 2: Basic

Clue 3: 20

Identify the Trylateral.

Nimish gets a brownie rapper.


longhairandabeard said...

Rubik's --> Cube --> Third Power --> Mahesh (Among Brahma, Vishnu, Mahesh)

Basic --> No idea

20 --> XX --> Female --> Mixed doubles

Mahesh Bhupathi with 6 grand slam mixed doubles wins.

√úbermaniam said...

Hi Kaevan.

srividya said...

this is a strange one but hear me out...

rubiks - kiburs (anagram) = khybers mountain pass
basic = alkaline = bleach sounds like bealach another term for pass

20 - score = notch (notch a score)

so all 3 words are mountain passes!

kasthuri said...

hi priyadarshi!

srividya said...

another try closer to our hearts

rubik's - puzzle - riddle - riddler

20 - xx - double x - dr double x - another enemy of batman

basic - donno - poison ivy?


srividya said...

basic could be bare bones or skeletor - hemans enemy... then they all just become animated villains

Kaevan said...

Hey Avinash, where are you these days?

srividya said...

basic = basic instinct - sharon stone - name of halle berry in flintstones

xx - woman - catwoman

now rubiks - could be jinx (die another day)


q said...

Rubik's --> Cube --> it's initial name was "The Gordian Knot"

Basic --> (WIP --> rather force fitting in progress :-) )

20 --> Alexander's age when he cut the Gordian Knot

Hence TL: Cutting of the Gordian Knot or the expression that arises namely "To cut the gordian knot"

srividya said...

rubiks - cube power of 3

basic - fundamental - fundamental rights - power or the 3


basic = primary transmission - electric power

xx - girls powerpuff girls


srividya said...

got another one

rubiks cube called rubiks revenge

basic - basic instinct - the famous leg crossing sequence copied from the avengers

20 - not sure - score against - also 20/20 - vision - so an eye for an eye?

so theme is vengeance.. sounds strange

catcharun said...

rubik's - cube - cubism
basic - basic colors - paints
20 - 20 questions - also called tintoretto - painter

a rather faded TL : painting

srividya said...

brilliant catcharun - inspired

why cant TL - be painting styles and basic leading to colors should lead to monet - cubism, impressionism etc

alamelu said...

first-ever attempt...

Rubik's Cube=> 3

Basic...3 basic needs....Roti, Kapda aur makaan => Bollywood movie?

20....20 Saal baad

TL- Bollywood movies??

nimish79 said...

Clue 1: Rubik's = CUBE

Clue 2: Basic = VANILLA

Clue 3: 20 = The Letter T

If we add ICE to each of the above we get ICE CUBE, VANILLA ICE & ICE-T - names of famous rappers.

Thus, ANS is 'Rap artists with ICE in their names.'

srividya said...

hi nimish. sounds just right to me. so why the silence from anantha?

anantha said...