Thursday, 12 April 2007

Puzzle # 80

Clue 1: Alumnus

Clue 2: 92bend

Clue 3: Tankmutts

Who's the Trylateral?

Nimish gets a white-feather brownie.


srividya said...

quentin tarantino

old boy
reservoir dogs

vinoo said...


Stephen Stills

Priyadarshi said...

tl = tarantino

1. old boy

2. 9 films produced by bender ( 9 to bend)

3. reservoir dogs

q said...

me thinks TL: is Robert Redford

Clue 1: Alumnus = The Graduate => Robert Redford's movie

Clue 2: 92bend = U-Turn ==> movie by Oliver Stone - which was again introduced at the Sundance Film Festival

Clue 3: Tankmutts => Reservoir Dogs ==> movie by QT --> which was introduced at the Sundance Film Festival

Who's the Trylateral? Robert Redford

nimish79 said...

Alumnus = old boys = remade in Hindi as Zinda
92bend = U Turn = remade in Hindi as Musafir
Tankmutts = Reservoir dogs = remade again as Kaante

all 3 made by sanjay gupta

ans = sanjay gupta

anantha said...

nimsh takes the brownie.