Wednesday, 4 April 2007

Puzzle # 43

Clue 1: Zn@

Clue 2: Atal<

Clue 3: Arabicondom

What's the Trylateral?

Kasthuri is closing in on Nimish with yet another brownie.


kasthuri said...

I had better crack this one !

Zeenat as in aman

Lata as in mangeshkar

KS written right to left - SK- as in SHaHrukh Khan ( I prefer SRK myself)

All indian celebrities who have perfumes named after them.

kasthuri said...

conversely, all perfumes named after indian celebrities.

q said...

good one!

nimish79 said...

Rather the names of the perfumes are Zeenat, Lata & SK named after the celebrities mentioned. So the answer would be Perfumes named after Indian film celebs.

q said...

either way I smell a cookie for Kasthuri here :-)

anantha said...

she gets it.