Tuesday, 10 April 2007

Puzzle # 74

Clue 1: Truthgoddess

Clue 2: 75W

Clue 3: Genshoeco

Identify the Trylateral.

Nimish & Catcharun graduate with half a brownie each.


Anuradha said...

Clue 1: Truthgoddess - Fairy godmother

Clue 2: 75W - Platinum and Tungsten - they (along with other elements) are known as the cinderella elements

Clue 3: Genshoeco - not able to explain this convincingly - Genesis of all shoe companies or Ladies shoe company?
There is a Cinderella's shoe complany too.

Trylaeral - Cinderella??

anantha said...

good guess. but not even close.

srividya said...

anantha - is the TL FBI ?

srividya said...

half baked try - probably way off

clue 1 : veritas
clue 2 : Tungsten + Platinum = Wedding ring = Fidelity
clue 3 : no idea, all that i realised is that gen shoe is about rubber moulding etc...what company - no clue... hope someone smart cracks it

TL - as of now private equity firms / tech investments etc.. depends on third clue..

srividya said...

got another one..

75w - wedding ring
truth goddess or maat = feather (symbol) - diamond (engagement ring)
shoe moulding company - purity = purity/chastity ring

so TL - types of rings?

vinoo said...

long shot.

srividya said...

ok this time i hope i am right :) -

75W = heart beat + wolfram - wolfram + hart - Angel series
Genshoeco = LEather company = Buffy
Truthgoddess = aetolia (or some such goddess) whose symbol is firefly...

so TL - serials of Joss Whedon!

Anuradha said...

Really long shot, will be very surprised if it is right, but have to try

Clue 1: Truthgoddess - Satyam + Eva - Satyameva Jayate

Clue 2: 75W - The chakra is 75% of the white space in the Indian flag

Clue 3: Genshoeco - Liberty shoes - Freedom

Trylaeral - Indian Flag??

Anuradha said...

or something to do with Northern Lights/ Pole Star??

Clue 1: Truthgoddess - Aurora

Clue 2: 75W - ?

Clue 3: Genshoeco - North Star

srividya said...

a try.. anantha pls comment on our efforts...

Truthgoddes = virtue goddess = piety (pietas) = Pt
75W = 75 weeks ot Platinum jubilee
Genshoeco - dont know... does it lead to Portugal - code Pt?

so tl - platiunum/pt?

srividya said...

Got another one and to my mind it seems pretty ok! Obviously others may not agree...

Truthgoddess : As i said b4 Veritas - after which Verizon is named

75w - 75watts - motor - motorola

Genshoeco - Wellington company - Nokia (used to make Wellington b4)

TL - Telecom companies

anantha said...

valiant. but off the mark. i am glad the second clue has thrown you ppl offtrack.

srividya said...

and the other clues has kept us on track is it anantha! :)

srividya said...

having another try... the inimitable (hope thats right) me!

no clue on truthgoddess - what comedian is called sachdevi?

75W = afghanistan west = iran - Boman Irani (its also Paris phone code but cant seem to understand what paris west is?)

Genshoeco - Lever - Johnny Lever (this is very unconvincing - Latex co - HLL - Lever)

So TL - current bollywood comedians !!

srividya said...

appended to previous note.. far shot it could be shakti.. so shakti kapoor..

nimish79 said...


Clue 1: Truthgoddess = VERITAS = Harvard's motto

Clue 2: 75W = 7523 (Harvard's institution code as per ETS)

Clue 3: Genshoeco = GENERAL SHOE COMPANY = The 1st Case Study published by Harvard Business School

anantha said...

Nimish has got the Trylateral. But I am not convinced with his 75W deduction. Sounds like an achha phatta to me. So half a point still up for grabs.

q said...

75W => Re(for Rhenium - Element with Atomic No. 75)W => ReW => WW => NYSE symbol for Watson Wyatt ==> and the leadership program at HBS is called the Watson Wyatt Leadership Program

nimish79 said...

Does the 75 degree West longitude pass through Harvard? :P

nimish79 said...

Clue 2: 75W = AMPlifier = AMP i.e. Harvard Business School's famous Advanced Management Program (AMP).

catcharun said...

75W -- 75 Wins -- the number of wins Harvard has over Yale in the Harvard-Yale regatta

catcharun said...

the longitude was the first thing I checked Nimish. It passes through Philadelphia, PA ..maybe HBS has a satellite program there :)

catcharun said...

got it

Dubya graduated from Harward in 1975

catcharun said...

excuse the typo..he did get out of harvard in 75

nimish79 said...

Catcharun, Harvard also has 75 Nobel Prize Winners associated with it. But I doubt the connxn.

nimish79 said...

75W = 1975 Dubya = George Bush completed his MBA at Harvard in 1975.

catcharun said...

dude i already said that..either it is completely wrong or anantha aint checking old comments

nimish79 said...

ohok... i didn't realise that you had solved the Dubya bit... sounds like the rt answer to me.