Monday, 9 April 2007

Puzzle # 70

Clue 1: Homonym

Clue 2: Kansas

Clue 3: Heroless Novel

Who's the Trylateral?

SriVidya & Priya share half a brownie.


srividya said...

TL - Mira Nair

Homonym : Namesake
Kansas : Nost sure.. Cannes Best new director

Heroless Novel Vanita Fair

Priya said...

Could the TL be Mira Niar again? I think we already had that.

1) Homonym - Namesake
2) Kansas - KS - Kamasutra
3) Heroless Novel - Vanity Fair - A novel with no hero.

catcharun said...

TL Kal Penn

Homonym - Namesake
Kansas - Superman Returns- Kal pen is a villain
Heroless Novel - no idea

anantha said...

Priya shares the brownie with Srividya. Mira Nair hasn't been featured before.

Ajay said...
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Ajay said...

Kansas - river like Mississippi - Mississippi Masala