Sunday, 8 April 2007

Puzzle # 60

Clue 1: Ambassador

Clue 2: Humma

Clue 3: Vegetable

Identify the Trylateral.

Nimish works out the answer. Adani gets the brownie.


srividya said...

characters from matrix

ambassador - tank
vegetable - loki or locke or tinda - tyndall
humma - queen bee - sleeps - morpheus or drone - zee

Priya said...

There is a remote possibility that the Trylateral is SUVs.

1) Ambassador -> Envoy -> GMC Envoy
2) Humma -> Sounds like Hummer
3) Vegetable -> Cayenne Pepper -> Porsche Cayenne

q said...

Ambassador -> Envoy => GMC Envoy
Humma -> Hummer
Vegetable -> Yukon Gold Potatoes ==> Hence GMC Yukon

Hence TL: SUV's manufactured by General Motors

Priya said...

Damn...I missed that.

srividya said...

there are endless possibilities to this one

ambassador - julian vila coma, another connection can be the hotl - sleep

humma - queen bee - sleeps - coma

vegetable - brain dead - coma


srividya said...

ambassador - unicef - sarah jessica parker was ambassador for trick or treat -is there a better connection?

humma - mmmm - song by crash test dummies - dummy - disguise costume

vegetable .. pumpkin - jack o lanterns


anantha said...

work harder, folks.

srividya said...



longhairandabeard said...

A half-cooked guess-

Ambassador - Ronen Sen - RONIN
Vegetable - WASABI
Humma - Mad leader from H2G2 - Mad leader - Nikita Khrushchev - NIKITA

TL: Movies starring Jean Reno

Kazveen said...

this may be a long shot :
ambassador - hindustan motors- hindustani
humma - song from bombay
vegetable - dont know
TL A R Rahman music director of both movies

Kazveen said...

how about another longer shot
TL manisha koirala
ambassador - hindustani
humma - bombay
vegetable - karela similar to koirala

srividya said...

very slim but...

ambassador - diplomat
humma - honey bee
vegetable - onion - No 1 ?

Brandy from UB

nimish79 said...

Clue 1: Ambassador = Amby = AMBI

Clue 2: Humma = Song in the movie Bombay song by REMO

Clue 3: Vegetable = Onion = ANNIYAN

These are the three different personalities portrayed by the protagonist Vikram in the movie ANNIYAN. He suffers from MULTIPLE PERSONALITY DISORDER. So, the answer is either the movie ANNIYAN or mostly MULTIPLE PERSONALITY DISORDER.

q said...


anantha said...