Friday, 6 April 2007

Puzzle # 51

Clue 1: Withoutmonth

Clue 2: WIT

Clue 3: Wedcompany

Identify the Trylateral.

Kasthuri takes a brownie served by Priya & Q.


Priya said...

TL - companies traded on the Bombay Stock Exchange

1) withoutmonth - haven't worked tht out yet

2) WIT -> ticker symbol for Wipro

3) Wedcompany -> Mary Co -> Sounds like Marico

Deepak Arora said...

Clue 1: Withoutmonth - lack may
Lakme phonetically

Clue 2: WIT - tcker symbol for wipro

Clue 3: Wedcompany - Mary Co = marico

Trylateral - Indan soap or cosmetics co.

kasthuri said...

without month- Lakme

WIT- Wipro ticker

Wedcompany- MArico

TL- skin care , or salons

kasthuri said...

how about shombit sen gupta ?

q said...

1) withoutmonth - SANS MAR -> SANMAR -> chemplast sanmar group

2) WIT -> Wipro

3) Wedcompany -> Marry Co -> phonetically 'Marico'

TL: All those companies whose Indian Stock has split in recent times.!!

nimish79 said...

Arora, tu aa gaya idhar. Sahi crack maara.

Deepak Arora said...

yup....:-)....thx rahega... jai BHU... addu see 47 i think am missing something

anantha said...

kasthuri gets it with a lot of help from priya & deepak...

good to see itbhu guys here...