Sunday, 8 April 2007

Puzzle # 63

Clue 1: Thousand

Clue 2: 5114

Clue 3: Mike

Identify the Trylateral.

Priya cooks the brownie. Nimish steals it.


Priya said...

TL is NATO phonetic alphabet.

1) Thousand - Kilo

2) 5114 - Working on it...desperately.

3) Mike - code word for M.

nimish79 said...

ANS. KLM Airlines

Clue 1: Thousand = KILO = K

Clue 2: 5114 = The international dialling code for LIMA, Peru = L LIMA is the word used

Clue 3: Mike = M

KILO LIMA and MIKE are the words used to communicate the alphabets KLM over radio. Since this communication is used in the airlines industry for communications, I assume the answer is KLM Airlines.

Alternatively, answer could simply be NATO Phonetic Alphabets.

Priya said...

Yeah...that sums it up.

anantha said...

KLM is the answer. Nimish made the leap of logic.