Wednesday, 11 April 2007

Puzzle # 76

Clue 1: Hydessert

Clue 2: Spurn-opsincharge

Clue 3: Mascot

Who's the Trylateral?

Q gets a ray of hope. Another easy brownie.


Anuradha said...

Trylateral - Coulomb??

Clue 1: Hydessert - Cool + ?

Clue 2: Spurn-opsincharge = Repel/ attract - like /opposite charges - Coulomb's law

Clue 3: Mascot - Symbol - C - unit of electric charge

q said...


Clue 1: Hydessert => is falooda -> feluda the fictional detective

Clue 2: Spurn-opsincharge ==> shun-COO => phonetically ==> shonku => Prof. Shonku

Clue 3: Mascot ==> APPU (our Asian Games Mascot) ==> The Apu Trilogy

Who's the Trylateral? SATYAJIT RAY

kasthuri said...

good one, but explain falooda rfrom hydessert please?

q said...

Hydessert => Hyderabadi Dessert ==> hence falooda

kasthuri said...

oh like that. nice.
hyderabad aint close to the pole, is it ?

q said...

nope.. but that is the place where I had my falooda..

catcharun said...

awesome job q

i found a pie shop here that has the awesomest brownies..i visit it daily hoping that growing laterally will also help me think that way :)

q said...

Thanks CA.
at this rate I won't be in a position to think straight soon :-)

anantha said...

q's da maan.