Thursday, 12 April 2007

Puzzle # 84

Clue 1: Shilpa Shetty

Clue 2: Thinkthink

Clue 3: Idea911

What's the Trylateral?

Vijay Sarathy & Q get quarter brownie each.


q said...

TL: 1984

Clue 1: Shilpa Shetty ==> Big Brother

Clue 2: Thinkthink ==> Doublethink =>

Clue 3: Idea911 ==> 9/11 attacks gave the idea for the Patriot Act for major surveillance in the U.S (blah blah blah.. ) -- or Fahrenheit 911 by Michael Moore

What's the Trylateral? The Novel "1984" by George Orwell (a.k.a Eric Arthur Blair)

q said...

Doublethink ==> Act of holding two contradicting beliefs (an integral part of "1984")

Priya said...

q strikes again. Well done!!!

srividya said...

hi q. plz explain howz clue 3 linked ?

q said...

Clue 1: Shilpa Shetty ==> won the big brother

Clue 2: Thinkthink ==> Double think => The novel 1984 that talked about the "big brother" concept

Clue 3: Idea911 ==> Idea came from the Rescue911 show..

What's the Trylateral? The Big Brother show

srividya said...

seems too simple... anantha cant set such a straight fwd thing... - 911 is also emergency no - so clue 3 took as emergency plan - plan b

arrived at bhopal gas tragedy or indira gandhi assassination

Anuradha said...

The TL could be something to do government surveillance too

think think - TT - telphone tapping

Idea 911 - AT&T suggested the number 911 to be used for emergencies and they were involved in a privacy controversy with NSA

Though I think 1984 fits really well

Vijay Sarathy said...

Idea 911 - ThoughtPOLICE

Vijay Sarathy said...

1984 it is...

srividya said...

yeah anu .. was working on that train as well

plan b
go together

thinkthink well i am not sure - think all this is stakeout? or something to do with watergate?

srividya said...


big brother - ussr
thinkthink mulmul - linen or lenin - name of the plant
clue 3 : emergency or disaster

anantha said...

vijay sarathy & q get quarter brownie each. the trylateral is 'phrases born out of 1984'. you guys weren't specific. so i've deducted points.