Wednesday, 25 April 2007

Puzzle # 115 - Unsolved Mystery

Clue 1: Terrororg Haunt

Clue 2: Path Note

Clue 3: Alpenliebe

What's the Trylateral?


srividya said...

TL - Sri Lanka?

Terrororg Haunt - LTTE Lair
Alpenliebe - Candy - Kandy
Path Note = Strait + Pa = palk strait

kasthuri said...

phew. this is tough!

terrororg haunt- TADA possession or TADA arrest

path note- rue pa

Alpenliebe- lage raho commercial

TL- Sanjay Dutt

kasthuri said...

whats the trylateral? ok, thats dicey. I only got a who :(

srividya said...

hi...awarding part points away i think

path note - wega sony
alpenliebe - candy onida
terrororg haunt - vardhaan? from war den

tl - tv brands/sub brands