Monday, 16 April 2007

Puzzle # 92

Clue 1: Expressmail

Clue 2: Singlespice

Clue 3: Memor

Identify the Trylateral.

Priya lives to fight another de. One more brownie.


Priya said...

TL is Shobha De.

1) Expressmail - SpeedPost

2) Singlespice - Spouse

3) Memor - Selective Memory

nimish79 said...

1 & 3 look right but not 2. Also TL is Identify. So these would all be Books written by Shobha De. Also these books are connected by the fact that they are not one story but are pieced together from several different parts. Speedpost is a collection of letters and Selective Memory is a collection of stories from her life.

nimish79 said...

Oh missed the MOUSE MICE connexion there. SPOUSE too is correct. So I assume the answer wd be non-fiction books by Shobha De.

anantha said...

priya gets it.