Thursday, 26 April 2007

Puzzle # 119

Clue 1: Saddam

Clue 2: Sick MP

Clue 3: Audiorecorder Hopeless

Who's the Trylateral?

Sri Vidya wins the primaries. Earns a brownie.


srividya said...

Is the TL - Barack Obama?

Saddam : Hussein (his middle name)
Sick MP : Ill Senator - Illinois Senator
Audiorecorder Hopeless : ?? linked to Black Candidate ? or Kornbluh

Kaevan said...

I don't know how it fits but Audiorecorder Hopeless = Microphone - Hope = Micron

Priya said...

Good one Srividya. And here I was hunting for Mike Lowes and Mike Grimms.

Could the third clue be Micron -> Wayne Brady -> Something to do with both Obama and Wayne having Uncle Tom images?

Priya said...

Or Mic Hell - Michelle, his wife. If you think about it, hell could be a synonym for hopeless. ;->

anantha said...

half a brownie to sri vidya. better half on grabs.

srividya said...

His Book - Audacity of Hope

anantha said...

full marks. audacity is the audiorecorder software. hopeless is off hope. so audacity off hope = audacity of hope.