Wednesday, 4 April 2007

Puzzle # 40 - Unsolved Mystery

Clue 1: Chappell

Clue 2: Assassin-neck

Clue 3: Underdog

Who's the Trylateral?


q said...

Clue 1: Chappell --> One of 3 brothers --> 1 of a Trilogy -> 2001 Space Odyssey (The others being 2010, and 3001)

Clue 2: Assassin-neck --> Killer's Kiss --> movie by Stanley Kubrick

Clue 3: Underdog -> Slave --> SPARTACUS


srividya said...

chappel - chappal - footwear

underdog = puppies = hush puppies

assassin-neck = not sure...unless it is Sw + kiss = KSwiss or rubber necked

TL --> footwear brands

Anuradha said...

1st attempt

Clue 1: Chappell - One of 3 brothers
- Dhritarashtra
Clue 2: Assassin-neck - Killer embrace - He tried to kill Bhima with his killer embrace

Clue 3: Underdog - Sanjaya ( American Idol fame) - Sanjaya relates the Mahabharata war to Dhritarashtra

Trylateral - Dhritarashtra

srividya said...

have a thot -- assassin neck could also refer to the day of jackal - when jackal missed cos he forgot abt the french custom of kissing - so it could be linked to fred forsyth or the book or even de gaulle

srividya said...

assassin-neck - day of jackal

underdog - anubis - jackal

chappell - not sure - chapel of anubis...will get back

so connection - jackal or anubis

srividya said...

jackal shoes? back to my chappal connection - i liked that better

Anuradha said...

Clue 1: Chappell - coach - train - It is also known as Murder on the Calais coach

Clue 2: Assassin-neck - killer crew - all the people on the train (except the victim) were involved in the murder

Clue 3: Underdog - The underdog and other stories - book by Agatha Christie

Trylateral - Agatha Christie??

srividya said...

hi anu

yep thot of AC b4 but took coach for oriental express but could not connect to assassin neck

Anuradha said...

Yes Sri Vidya
I did not think of neck as crew/V/round till today.
Upto Anantha to tell us if this is right.

srividya said...

yes anu - so if LOTR does not comment at all does it mean we are way off .. he cant really be cruel to keep mum when we are close right...

srividya said...

underdog - tasmanian devil

assassin neck - jackal

chappel - trainer - puma - pete puma?

not sure TL - robert mckimson ? or warner bro

srividya said...

underdog - australian dog - dingo

assassin neck - killer hug - python

not sure how to link up chappell for now


srividya said...


is this anywhere close?

srividya said...

tl - napoleon bonaparte

underdog - inferiority complex - napoleon complex

assassin neck - de gaulle - second napoleon

chappel - not sure, unless chappal and josephine had a shoe fetish, owned more than 500 pairs

srividya said...

chappell - brothers trio - huey, dewey and louie
assassin-neck - marco polo (Treasure of Marco Polo)
underdog - shoeshine boy (Scrooge got his number one dime as a shoeshine boy)
TL - Scrooge McDuck