Monday, 9 April 2007

Puzzle # 69 - Unsolved Mystery

Clue 1: Catastrophe

Clue 2: Agreement

Clue 3: Bong Missus

Who's the Trylateral?


Anuradha said...

Clue 1: Catastrophe - Tragedy - His classic movie - Kagaz ke phool or Sahib Bibi aur ghulam - also his life which reads like a tragedy

Clue 2: Agreement - Could be Baazi or the aggreement between Guru Dutt and Dev Anand which resulted in Guru Dutt directing Baazi

Clue 3: Bong Missus - Bengali wife - character essayed by Meena kumari in Sahib Bibi aur ghulam

Trylateral - Guru Dutt?

srividya said...



kasthuri said...


nimish79 said...


Clue 1: Catastrophe = Tragedy i.e. TRAGEDY QUEEN

Clue 2: Agreement

Clue 3: Bong Missus = PARINEETA

srividya said...

somethink to do with chandler bing / friends

missus chanandler bong was how the tv guide was sent

agreement could refer to how the stara patched up together to charge high

catastrophe - used to like cats , hated dogs

srividya said...

catastrophe cd be calamity jane or janice! huhuhuhuhu (hope u r getting the nasal tone)

nimish79 said...


Catastrophe = Sazaye Maut
Agreement = Jaane Bhi Do Yaaro
Bong Missus = Parineeta

nimish79 said...

or cd be SAIF ALI KHAN

Catastrophe = Tragedy = Othello/Omkara
Agreement = Hum Saath Saath Hai
Bong Missus = Parineeta

q said...

O.K here goes mine.


Catastrophe = Bengal Famine
Agreement = ???
Bong Missus = Parineeta

Deepak Arora said...

Clue 1: Catastrophe : tragedy
Clue 2: Agreement - bandhan

Clue 3: Bong Missus : Parineeta

Who's the Trylateral? Meena kumari

srividya said...

what exactly does parineeta mean?

Deepak Arora said...

Married Woman

vinoo said...

i always say TRY LATER and then get to read the answer. here's a long shot at this one thanx to a lot of help ;-).

catastrophe - do bigha zamin / bengal famine
agreement - bandhan =bandini
bong missus - parineeta


srividya said...

hi vinoo - ur fav movie theme!

ok i have another wierd one.. tho its not all thought of

TL - Dravid
catastrophy = cats + trophy = garfield's trophy (Sir garfield sobers trophy) - i believe that it has been given to only dravid, kallis, flintoff and ponting - so going with Dravid

agreement - i believe he is The only batsman to have been involved in two ODI partnerships exceeding 300 runs. and he seems to have several partnership linked firsts

missus bong ?

If the drift is right i am sure some one will crack it... i am no cricketing person..

will also tell u there is a cheshire trophy on Formula Ford...but cant link it up..

nobody in particular said...


Catastrophe in Bengali - Durgotona/Durgati - Durgeshnondini (novel by Bankim Chandra Chatterjee) - Adapted into a teleserial.

Agreement in Bengali - Kabuli/Kabuliyat - Kabuliwalah (short story by Rabindranath Tagore) - Adapted into a fim.

Bong missus in Bengali - Parineeta (novel by Sarat Chandra Chattopadhyay) - Adapted into a fim.

TL - Bengali works adapted into screenplays.

srividya said...

agreement : Samjhauta (Express)the movie
Catastrophe : refers to the bombing episode
Bong Missus : Parineets

Link can be Vidya Balan...

srividya said...

last try.. i quit post this

agreement : samjhauta : train to pakistan
missus bong : parineeta's lalita (lalita gupta)?
catastrophe : tragedy of Buta singh - tragedy of Punjab

TL - Khsuhwant Singh

Anuradha said...

TL - Rabindranath Tagore?

Clue 1: Catastrophe

Clue 2: Agreement - If this is Kabuliwala - not sure

Clue 3: Bong Missus - Charulata - based on his story

Fuzzy, the Ducky said...

Clue 1: Catastrophe : Boom >> Dhoom2
Clue 2: Agreement :
Clue 3: Bong Missus :Mrs.Sen > Mission> Mission Kashmir

Who's the Trylateral? Hritik Roshan

Fuzzy, the Ducky said...

Clue 1: Catastrophe : 9/11?
Clue 2: Agreement :Samjautha Express> Kabul Express
Clue 3: Bong Missus :Bengali Wife> "Kabuliwala's Benagli Wife">Book on which Escape from Taliban is based
Who's the Trylateral? (ahem) Osama?

Vineet said...

TL= Aamir Khan

catastrophe= qayamat- QSQT (or even fanaa)

Bong Missus: his first wife was a bong (Reena Dutta)

Agreement: ?

Anuradha said...

Hence TL: Khushwant Singh

Clue 1: Catastrophe : Tragedy of Punjab - A book by Khushwant Singh
Clue 2: Agreement :Samjautha --> Samjhauta Express => "Train to Pakistan" - another book by Khushwant Singh
Clue 3: Bong Missus :Bengali Wife -> Shobha De with whom he wrote "Uncertain Liaisons ....."

Hence TL: Khushwant Singh

srividya said...

ah anu... you too agree Khushwant Singh is the best connection !

Priya said...

How about Bollywood movies inspired by Hollywood?

1) Catastrophe - Qayamat - The Rock

2) Agreement - Sauda - Indecent Proposal

3) Bong Missus - Not sure. Not without my daughter??? (Escape from Taliban)

Anuradha said...

I think Priya has cracked it!

Priya said...

I just noticed that the question is "who is the trylateral?". So this can't be it. Plus anantha not giving out the brownie was another hint. ;->

Deepak Arora said...

k one last try....

Clue 1: Catastrophe : fatal Attraction

Clue 2: Agreement: Indecent proposal

Clue 3: Bong Missus: lalita or Lolita

all movies by Adrian Lyne

Who's the Trylateral? Adrian Lyne

Beef said...

He acted in theesri aankh (Catastrophe ). He acted in Samjautha (Agreement). His wife Poonam is a bong.

The trylateral is Shatrughan Sinha

Anuradha said...

Clue 1: Catastrophe - Fire

Clue 2: Agreement - Supari

Clue 3: Bong Missus - Das ??

Trylateral = Nandita Das??