Sunday, 22 April 2007

Puzzle # 107

Clue 1: Take All

Clue 2: Sisinlaw

Clue 3: Tailless Reform

What's the Trylateral?


srividya said...

jam brands

safai - safal
kaizen - kissan

anantha said...

what is the tailless connection with kaizen? sil is a brilliant guess. unfortunately, it's not the right answer.

srividya said...

tailless reform - continuous - endless improvement so kaizen

abt it not being right - wd hv dropped dead if it was :)

srividya said...

tal lake
salim ali (saali)
coccyx - cuckoo

bharatpur bird sanctuary

srividya said...

sisinlaw - bhabhi - parveen babi
tailless reform - amend - d = amen - zeenat aman
take all - dont know how it links up to azmi

ashanti - indian charlies angel