Thursday, 12 April 2007

Puzzle # 79

Clue 1: Dustfine

Clue 2: Maincoast

Clue 3: Notup

Identify the Trylateral.

Q deserves a 'Chalti ka naam brownie'.


q said...

Clue 1: Dustfine ==> Ash-OK ==> Ashok

Clue 2: Maincoast ==> Key Shore ==> Kishore

Clue 3: Notup ==> Not upar (up == upar) ==> i.e., un-oopar ==> Anoop (too convoluted man!!)

Identify the Trylateral. ==> The Three Musketeers of Hindi film world --> The Kumar Brothers.

q said...

Clue 3: Notup ==> Un up ==> Anoop

kasthuri said...
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kasthuri said...

Ash+ OK- ashok kumar

Key+Shore- Kishore kumar

not up is simply Un-up ( where up is pronounced oop! ) so Anup.

There you go. The GANGULY brothers.

q said...

sorry u are late!!

kasthuri said...

yeah. no match for twinkletype.

anantha said...

Q's got it.