Monday, 9 April 2007

Puzzle # 67 - Unsolved Mystery

Clue 1: Complete Man

Clue 2: Funding

Clue 3: Actwoundy

Who's the Trylateral?


srividya said...

Guess : Dustin Hoffman

Complete Man - Raymonds...his role in Rain Man
Actwoundy - Tootsy
Funding : Not sure

Priya said...

TL is Ray Romano.

1) Complete Man - Raymond - Everybody Loves Raymond

2) Funding - Grant -> sounds like Grand - The Grand

3) Actwoundy - Eulogy???

Priyadarshi said...

TL = dustin hoffman

1. Rainman = Raymond babbitt

2. Funding = FUndraiser for stem cell research

3. Actwoundy = Tootsie

srividya said...

TL - Peter Boyle

Complete Man : Raymond - he acts in Everbody loves raymond
actwoundy - play nicky - acted as santa claus

cant figure out the Funding connection..unless the fact that he acted as campaign manager in The candidate

Second guess : Adam Sandler

Complete Man : First man - Adam
Play Nicky - Little Nicky

Again Funding not working out...

srividya said...

third gues... Santa claus himself

Complete Man...???
Funding : Gifting
ACtwoundy : Nicky?

srividya said...

ok - dont know how to take fwd..

Actwoundy is play nicky - playnike - playwin

funding - lottery

raymond - again rainman...

to confuse play and nike are connnected

Anuradha said...

A really long shot...

Clue 1: Complete Man - Could be Raymond Chandler or Shooting (Suiting) - not really able to explain this

Clue 2: Funding - Reservoir - Reservoir dogs

Clue 3: Actwoundy - Kill Bill

Trylateral - Quentin Tarantino

srividya said...


ACTWOUNDY - PLAY NIPPY - bowling ? , cricket?

Vineet said...

Actwoundy= DoHurty= Doherty... Peter Doherty?

TL= Kate Moss?

srividya said...

Complete Man : Raymond - Magsaysay
Funding : Rockfeller foundation fundng the award
actwoundy ? not sure...links to Phillipines?

TL - Ramon Magsaysay

srividya said...

or TL - Rockefeller (John D) i think

if clue 3 is doherty

Kaevan said...

Brownies to Srividya for her indefatigable (I hope I spelt that right) spirit, surely?

anantha said...

yup. notional brownie awarded to srividya. for sheer effort. but vineet is onto something...

vinoo said...

hey srividya. u seem 2 b pickin up a fan following. ;-)

complete man - raymond - raymond weil
funding - sponsor
actwoundy - doherty 9dont know how this fits in. maybe charlize theron makin a film with...)

TL - charlize theron

srividya said...

hi vinoo...its not fan following as much as for the tireless underdog - a true indian spirit, you can say! all i can say is that i hope that twinkle fingers are not in rival agencies!

Complete Man - Raymond CHandler
Actwoundy : Dare devil act
Funding : support - fellow kept supporting AL Gore campaign like mad if i remember ight (or his funding of the of AT Children's project - from wiki)

So one more drop in the ocean - Ben Affleck !

q said...

Clue 1: Complete Man => Manor --> The Manor --> Aaron Spelling's home

Clue 2: Funding -> Grant -> Grant Show who acted in Melrose Place -> created by Aaron Spelling

Clue 3: Actwoundy => do hurty -> Shannen doherty -> BH90210 -> created by Aaron Spelling

Who's the Trylateral? Aaron Spelling

srividya said...

Q...u seem to have done it again (as usual) :)
tho i dont really get the first clue... how is complete man - manor?

q said...

I took 'Complete Man' to mean 'complete the word Man__' Hence Manor.
Apparently Aaron Spelling had/has the Largest family home in the U.S and it is called "The Manor".

I am not sure if that is what was originally intended by Mr. TLA.


srividya said...

hi q - tks - the manor thingy not strong enuf...had thot of it and picked that trail up after the doherty revelation...tho i dont think complete man is raymonds... what abt a homosapien link (evolution of man)? and why is LOTR ref to as TLA? his fullname?

q said...

why is LOTR ref to as TLA? his fullname?
Nah. TLA => Try Lateral Anantha

srividya said...

TLA - sure but prefer the LOTR - one ringmaster to bind us all and bring us (keep us awake) in the darkness. we r the nazgul of course - tho more than 9!