Thursday, 12 April 2007

Puzzle # 85

Clue 1: 1nath

Clue 2: Bitter-womanizer

Clue 3: Chipless-Krishnaorg

Who's the Trylateral?

A brownie has been beamed up to Catcharun.


srividya said...

hi is it alaric duke of dunstable

clue 1 : first lord - duke

2 : ale rake - alaric

no idea of 3rd

srividya said...

could be alaric the visgoth if clue 1 : first tuetonic leader
clue 3 : iskcon - k = scion

q said...

Clue 1: 1nath ==> Ek nath

Clue 2: Bitter-womanizer => Fletcher => one of the finest catches taken by solkar was that of Fletcher (ther other one is that of Alan Knott)

Clue 3: Chipless-Krishnaorg ==> ISKCON - IC ==> SKON ==> solkar is the father of Skon (think star-trek, vulcan etc.,)

Who's the Trylateral? Eknath Dhondu Solkar --> the ace close-in fielder

catcharun said...

damn it q..just when i had the answer too..lets see if i get half a brownie

1nath - solkar
bitter-womanizer - sour rake - sarek
chipless krishnaorg - skon

spock's ancestors

Vijay Sarathy said...

SKON is an ancestor of SPOCK
SOLKAR is an ancestor too.
SAREK - Sa REK isa another Ancestor.


Vijay Sarathy said...

damn i'm late

catcharun said...

wow look at that. 3 mins between q and me and 1 between me and vijay..

anantha - request blogger to add a milli-second counter to the posting time otherwise you are going to have some difficulty soon

anantha said...

catcharun gets the brownie.