Sunday, 1 April 2007

Puzzle # 27

Clue 1:


Clue 2:


Clue 3:


What's the Trylateral?

Priya cracks a brownie.


Anuradha said...

Color - Brown

Reasoning - Code

Kinightstalker = Killer of knights templars? - Church ordered the killings

Trylateral - The Da Vinci Code

catcharun said...

damn it..i am going to lose the brownie to someone else but here goes

catch 22

there are 22 breaks/lines before each clue

colour - black - captain black is a character
reasoning - logic - it is a circular logic
knightstalker - yossarian thinks sgt knight is stalking him

srividya said...

amazing do deserve the brownie no doubt - even if some clue is not exactly right!

Anuradha said...

Another attempt

Color - Black and White
Reasoning - logical thinking
Knightstalker - hunt the soldiers or knights and bishops

Trylateral - The game of chess??

Priya said...

Trylateral is chess-playing computers or computer programs.

Assuming all those linebreaks imply "deep", the 3 clues can be intrepreted as

1) Deep Blue (colour)
2) Deep thought (reasoning)
3) Deep Fritz (Fritz was known as Knightstalker in the USA.)

nimish79 said...

super duper crack

catcharun said...

that brownie should be tasty, priya..awesome

anantha said...

priya cracks the puzzle.