Monday, 2 April 2007

Puzzle # 31

Clue 1: Gods-Blue

Clue 2: ID

Clue 3: Noble-Bachelor

Identify the Trylateral.

Note: The FBI puzzle has been scrapped as it was not at all lateral. This is a replacement puzzle for the same. Catcharun had smashed the FBI puzzle in no time. My sincere apologies to him for denying him a point that was legitimately his. But I am sure even he will agree, that puzzle was way below par.

Priya & Wanderlust earn half a brownie.


Priya said...

Clue 1: Gods-Blue - Imperial Blue

Clue 2: ID - Passport

Clue 3: Noble-Bachelor - Royal Stag

All Seagream India's brands. Trylateral is Seagram.

Wanderlust said...

How about...

Gods-Blue-->Shiva + Blue blooded --> Chivas Regal

Rest as per Priya

TL-->Seagram/Pernod Ricard

anantha said...

Priya & Wanderlust share the booty.