Tuesday, 3 April 2007

Puzzle # 36 - Unsolved Mystery

Clue 1: Card

Clue 2: Wanker

Clue 3: Arrested-Mercenary

Identify the Trylateral.


srividya said...

Trial 1

Card : Queen
Wanker : Newark (where she is from)
Arrested-Mercenary : Not sure
arrested could be chained (she wears her brother's motocycle key as a chain) - mercenary not sure... unless the entire thing means Hot Money - she and Katie Holmes working on a TV version of this

TL -- Queen Latifah

srividya said...

Trial 2

Card : Jack
Wanker : term used for Red head - Ginger
Arrested-Mercenary - Clapped + don = clapton

TL --> Cream my second fav band ever

srividya said...

oh they are jack bruce, ginger baker and of course eric clapton

anantha said...

newark from wanker is a real leap. good un. but not good enuf.

q said...

Clue 1: Card -- His first job was to design/do Title cards for silent films.

Clue 2: Wanker --> M(a/i)ster Bates --> Mr. Norman Bates played by Anthony Perkins

Clue 3: Arrested-Mercenary --> slow/stunted/schizophrenic-killer

Identify the Trylateral. --> PSYCHO the movie by A.H

Vijay Sarathy said...

OK here Goes.
Card -> Jack as in Jack Sparrow
Wanker -> Willy Wonka? Willy also is a slang for u know what.
Arrested-Mercenary - Shantaram -> Fugitive / Mafia Thug for money??

Shantaram does not quite fit. But heres my guess anyway

Johnny Depp

nobody in particular said...

to vijay sarathy,

shantaram fits. mira nair is making shantaram with johnny depp in the lead.

so, do you get a brownie?

Wanderlust said...


Wanker-->Shaker(!!)-->Shekar Kapur

Arrested-Mercenary-->Phoolan Devi

TL-Shekar Kapur

Vijay Sarathy said...

to nobody_in_particular

I knew that but I was wondering about

arrested-mercenary fitting Shantaram.

srividya said...

Based on ananta hint (hope read correctly)


srividya said...

longish shot

Card : Jack - Jack the ripper - wife is Florence Maybrick
Wanker - Newark - Renaissance City - Florence
Arrested Mercenary = Arrested Machiavelli...Florence

TL - Florence...

n.s. said...

1. jack-al
2.wanker, sanchez..protagonists of "dirty jokes"
3. carlos
TL is carlos,illich ramirez sanchez,the jackal!

srividya said...

TL is a identify...not who...