Wednesday, 4 April 2007

Puzzle # 38

Clue 1: Mng

Clue 2: Pantene

Clue 3: Maruti

What's the Trylateral?

Kaevan bags a surprise brownie.


srividya said...

trials after day i am going to get my cookie!!

Mng = Ming - i = China - i = Chan 9Jackie Chan)

Pantene - Zhang was the model for pantene and she was Tackie's co-star

Maruti - Swift car - thats Jackie all right - there is a Zen connection too but i havent figured it out

TL -- Jackie Chan

srividya said...

apologies for all the typos... its Jackie not Tackie..

q said...

Clue 1: Mng -- Multiple Network Graphic

Clue 2: Pantene --> Marketed by P & G --> PNG --> Portable Network Graphic

Clue 3: Maruti -> Versa --> VersaCAD image format

The various software Image Formats.

Kaevan said...

Probably an off-the-mark guess:

Clue 1: mng = mango, the fashion brand = mango (english word derived from an Indian language)

Clue 2: Pantene = shampoo (another english word derived from an Indian language)

Clue 3: Maruti = Indian car = rath = jagannath rath = juggernaut (another english word derived from an indian language)

TL: English words with Indian origins

srividya said...

or clue 3 could be swift hence chris tucker - fastest moth in west - so TL is Rush hour

Venkatesh said...

MNG = Maneka Gandhi
Pantene - Recently got embroiled into some conterversy for testing using animals and Maneka Gandhi is known for animal rights campaign
Maruti- Started by Sanjay Gandhi

Conenction = Maneka Gandhi

j.rahul said...

my attempt.

the answer is film certification

1. mng -- can't figure out

2. pantene -- it is from P&G -- PG
--- parental guidance

3. maruti -- M --- for mature audience

anantha said...

kaevan cracks it again.

anantha said...

though the third clue should lead to zen. zen is derived from dhyana.